Trial Pack

New Trial Pack

Mary Jane’s Trial Pack is perfect if you want to try out our products once before you decide to buy bigger amounts.

We made the composition of the Trial Pack in such a way that you have enough of each product either growing outdoors with a long vegetative time or indoors with a probably shorter vegetative time.

  • 1x 50 grams Roots
  • 1x 100 grams Grow
  • 1x 100 grams Bloom
  • 1x 100 grams Boost

When growing outdoors using the long growing season we advise to use Roots
for 4 to 6 weeks and after that switch to Grow for the next 3 to 4 months of growing. When the first flowers start to appear it is time to switch to Bloom and when your plants are halfway flowering you switch to Boost .

The Trial Pack is, when using it for plants with medium to high nutritional needs with a short to medium long flowering period (8-12 weeks) good for an average of 2,5 m²  (+/- 1m²) of garden. When using it for plants with low nutritional needs it will be much much more!

Because of our fertilizers’ high concentration & buffering qualities you only need to feed your plants once or maximum twice a week. (Measuring of EC-values is not needed because organic nutrient values can’t be measured correctly)

We strongly advice to start feeding only once a week because that is usually enough. Sometimes plants require feeding twice a week, depending on every plants different nutritional needs, plant size, pot size and growing medium. For more feeding advice you can check our 
Nutrient Schedules in the downloads section.

Roots 50 grams
Grow 100 grams
Bloom 100 grams
Boost 100 grams

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1000 grams makes at least 2000 Liters

500 grams makes at least 1000 Liters

250 grams makes at least 500 Liters

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