Grow Methods

The life-cycle of a plant can be divided into 4 stages, in each stage the plant has different nutritional needs. Our fertilizer-line consists of 4 products: Roots , Grow , Bloom  and Boost . Each product belongs to 1 of the 4 stages of a plants life-cycle and has a unique and precisely formulated composition of macronutrients, micronutrients, enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, stimulators, fulvic acids, humic acids and citric acid, to ensure your plants get exactly what they need in every stage of their life-cycle.

Mary Jane’s fertilizer-line is designed to be simple to use for everyone and to give professional results. Still, depending on your growing needs you don’t always have to use all 4 products. Thats why we divided our fertilizer-line into 3 user levels; Basic, Intermediate and Expert.

You can use our
Nutrient Schedules in the downloads section to get a clear overview of when to use each product.



Basic level

Only 1 product will keep it




When you just want to supply your plants with a bit of extra nutrients now and then to keep them green & healthy you don’t need to do much. Our Grow  fertilizer can be used as an all-round fertilizer for all indoor and outdoor plants and will do the job.

If you are growing plants that produce flowers, fruits or vegetables and you want to make them a bit happier you could add Boost  fertilizer to your nutrient schedule in the 2nd part of the flowering phase which will give a noticeable larger harvest.

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Intermediate level

Using 3 products gives great results!


Grow Bloom  &​ Boost 


When you are a dedicated grower you want to get a high quality and large quantity harvest. To achieve this your plants will need extra help during the flowering phase. After using our Grow  fertilizer, you will switch to our Bloom  fertilizer and after that to our Boost  fertilizer.

By adding Bloom  and Boost  fertilizer to your nutrient schedule you make sure that your plants will get all the extra nutrients they need in the flowering phase to increase the quality and quantity of your harvest! 


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Expert level

Using 4 products gives the best results!


Roots Grow Bloom  & Boost


When you think big and want maximum results you have to give your plants exactly what they need from start to finish. Using all 4 products; Roots , Grow , Bloom and Boost  in successive order, will do just that!

Adding our Roots  fertilizer to your nutrient schedule will help your plants to develop a stronger and healthier root system. This enables your plants to grow stronger and healthier and eventually giving you the best results when its harvest time!


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