Usage Instructions


1. Fill your bucket or water reservoir with clean water. Make sure the water is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius (64 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit). At this temperature your plants can optimally absorb all nutrients.


2. Weigh or measure the amount of powdered nutrients for desired proportions (max. 1g/2L). Add the nutrients to a small jar half full of water, close the jar and shake vigorously for about 2 minutes*. You can also add the nutrients to the jar of water and let it sit for a while (15 minutes or longer), after that the nutrients will have partly dissolved and you won't have to shake the jar much for the nutrients to totally dissolve.


3. Add the mixed solution from step 2 into your bucket or water reservoir and stir for at least 20 seconds more.

* Some small dark particles in the solution won’t dissolve, these are organic components. Most dark particles will dissolve though so make sure to mix well! If you use an (automatic) watering system we recommend using hoses with a minimum diameter of 4mm to avoid blockages.


  • The mixed solution can be kept for 1 week at room temperature in a light-proof container. Always use a pump in your water reservoir to circulate the water or shake/stir a mixed solution before use. If you don’t use a pump in your water reservoir the nutrients will slowly settle on the bottom which is something you don’t want to happen because they won’t be able to reach your plants!

  • Because of our fertilizers’ high concentrations & buffering qualities you only need to feed your plants once or maximum twice a week. (Measuring of EC-values is not needed because organic nutrients values can’t be measured correctly)
    We strongly advice to start feeding only once a week because that is usually enough. Sometimes plants require feeding twice a week, depending on every plants different nutritional needs, plant size, pot size and growing medium. Often ornamental, non-flowering and slow growing plants have low nutritional needs and the dosage needed can be as low as 1g/4L, 1 or 2 times a month. The recommended dosage for plants with medium to high nutritional needs are 1g/2-3L, 1 to 2 times a week. For more feeding advice check our Nutrient Schedule section under downloads.




Start with feeding your plants only once a week with 1g/2L, this is often enough. Only when you see they could use a bit more nutrients (for example your leaves are getting less green) you start feeding them a second time a week.

If you grow on pre-fertilized soil your plants are probably fine if you start them off on only 1g/3L for a few weeks, depending of the quality of the soil.




When you grow on fresh coco you probably need to start with feeding your plants twice a week from day 1. Still every plant has different nutritional needs, but our experience is that feeding only once a week is often not enough. You could try ones a week feeding with 1g/2L and the 2nd time with 1g/3L before feeding twice a week with 1g/2L.

If you are reusing coco you have to check if you don’t have too much nutrient build-up. To get an indication you can measure the EC-value of the coco and check the pH-value as well. If you suspect to much nutrient build-up you can flush the coco with clean water or use some products that take care of the excess nutrient build-up.

Don’t forget to make sure that your water was the right pH-value when growing on coco.



Check out our Nutrient Schedules in the downloads section for more information on dosages and feeding frequency.

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