About Us

Our Philosophy

One of the most important things for plants is to get good high-quality nutrients. This ensures they grow up into strong plants, so they can produce big juicy fruits and beautiful flowers.

At Mary Jane’s Nutrients we believe that every gardener worldwide should have easy access to all the high-quality nutrients they need for growing their favorite plants indoor and outdoor, and at an affordable price.


We want to supply everyone worldwide with some of the best and easy to use plant-nutrients out there. Our products are designed to be compact, extremely concentrated and of the highest quality. We make it possible to simply place an order online, which is then delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the word; and in most cases even fits through your mailbox! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Our Products

Mary Jane’s Nutrients has a compact all-in-1 fertilizer line which is organo-mineral. Every product is designed for a specific stage of your plants life-cycle. This means you never have to mix any fertilizers anymore! Each product has a unique and precisely formulated composition of macronutrients, micronutrients, enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, stimulators, fulvic acids, humic acids and citric acid, to ensure your plants get exactly what they need in every stage of their life-cycle.

Our fertilizers are not liquid but in highly concentrated powder form, which easily dissolves in water. This means the days of carrying big jerry-cans home are over! You just need a few small bags of our nutrients that fit in your pocket or backpack, or if ordered online will get delivered through your mailbox! (Up to 1,5 Kg will fit through your mailbox, otherwise it will become a parcel). 1Kg of our fertilizers is good for a minimum of 2000 litres of  fertilized water, and in most cases you only need to apply our fertilizers once a week for optimal result!

We also have an assortment of home grown chili seeds ranging from hot to scorching hot!

Our fertilizers can be used for a wide variety of plants; ornamental, vegetables, flowering or fruit-bearing. To read more about our fertilizers, click here!

We care about the environment

Because our products are so compact we need way less packaging materials than normal liquid fertilizers, which use big plastic jerry-cans and bottles. Our nutrients are packed in compact recyclable bags to have an as low as possible impact on the environment.